Defining “Space”

With increasing global temperatures, overpopulation, and incidence of fascism/extremism, many are looking for a new world. Elon Musk thinks we need to go to Mars, but I know there are billions of worlds here on earth, even within each city, that offer templates for more sustainable, compassionate future.

So when I use the term, “space,” I intend to refer to intentional communities or common-spaces here on earth. Specifically, I seek alternative, ethical spaces that are open to all (necessarily tolerant and welcoming of diversity), responsive to the needs and desires of those in the space, self-sustainable, and provide a public good.


Most spaces are found organically – on my daily runs or when skateboarding through the city. Often, I will meet someone in one space who will let me know about other such spaces in the area. Occasionally I will search online for community spaces but this has actually proved to be less fruitful.

What is perhaps most interesting is that there are networks of spaces already being built. Constellations of communities that collaborate on events and stand together in solidarity. I am excited to see how these growing sprouts will form solid, expansive foundations for a community-focused alternative to national politics.