Hello and welcome to the world of space exploration!

I have been traveling the globe exploring and learning from ethical communities, alternative spaces and non-traditional relational structures. These spaces serve as evidence that a better world is not only possible, but already exists.

Here is a brief guide organized by content, then city.


  • The Importance of Space – here I outline in length my theoretical motivations behind space exploration.
  • Defining “Space” – taking a moment to describe what I mean by space.
  • We are Cancer – a thought experiment proposing an alternative perspective of humanity.
  • 4.20 – my first post and start to this adventure of sharing my experiences of exploring non-traditional community spaces and relational structures.

Spaces: below you can find descriptions of alternative spaces I have explored and my thoughts on how each space informs and contributes to social theory.

Starter pack: my favorite spaces

Living Spaces

Interest Communities

Religious spaces

Squats: coming from the United States, I had no idea about the historic precedent of autonomous spaces. Squat was a derogatory term in my mind, but there is a significant political relevance to their existence.

Spaces operating within the market or government

There are a few additional posts I have not listed that are more nebulous, perhaps less interesting. I come from a background in dada so prepare for stream of consciousness and tangents. These should read more like poetry than articles.


Barcelona and surrounding countryside

Spacemaking for the Rich: Parc Guell

Puppet Power

Artist Squat: La Experimental

Theoretical Turned Tangible

Kitchen as Community

Many Paths, One Truth – La Sagrada Familia


Fractals – Community Garden

Legal Leather: Squat with History

Intergenerational Space: Wagon Planet


Love vs. Fear: Czech Church

Squatting Revisited: Klinika

Meh 😕:Venue and Residency Founded by Famous Artist


How to Live Together: Community College

Spacemaking as Medicine: Hundertwasser


Reality of the Dream: Government Funded Community Spaces

Spaceship for the Future of Money-I Mean Art

Alternative Culture Hub in Budapest

Community Building 101: Metastasis Instructions


Elephant, Horse, Bird & Little Me: Space for Play

Fabrica: Fabricated Community


We Eat Together


I strongly believe that information and knowledge should be free and accessible to the public so my research and writing will always be available and not cloaked in the obscurity of academia. Any advertisements on this page are from WordPress as I have no idea how to change that.