I don’t know where we will be but we will be. The colors fused and faded. All around in waves, ripples of energy, a kaleidoscope of colors, smells, feelings. The drugs weren’t going to wear off. This was reality. We were finally seeing.

“Quick throw me the machete.” I gingerly pass Urduban the heavy weapon. he cuts down three pineapples and then proceeds to hack them to bits. Building a giant, pulsing, red energy field around him.
His sopping wet, sticky hands thrust a glowing chunk in my direction.

Gold. Lifeforce. Molten, edible light. Sweet, cool, juicy, pulpy energy. Gold life-force.

The heat means nothing with heaven in my mouth.

I suck on the flesh, uncontrollably sighing with pleasure. How magnificent is this existence? I’m down on my knees. Urduban rubs a handful of pineapple on and into my mouth leaving his fingers for me to suck on, tracing my lips with his thumb. I hear the ocean and begin to crawl towards it, following the heavy sun.

I’m in the sand. Rolling. I want the particles to cover every inch of me. That is all we are. Particles. Atoms. Molecules. It’s nice to have a film of other surrounding me.

Somewhere along the way I started singing. Must have been softly at first. Now I’m belting. Only notice because Urduban has come over and started beating some makeshift leaf drum along with my voice. Our wavelengths resonate and join together. Like ripples in the water. His reddish yellow pulses with my greenish blue. Undulating waves wrapping around, swaddling us. He is smiling manically and then, all of a sudden, stops. Falling to his knees, staring down at me in the sand. He grabs my face and stares into my eyes. He’s crying. His eyes send waves of love, nourishment through my body. Every atom of my being feels restored and adored, tingly with safety.

His grip lightens, is gentle now. Dusting sand off my face. The forceful, dominant energy has dissapaited. He picks my shoulders up out of the sand then digs an arm under my knees ripping me out of the earth into the sky. He’s holding me close and I feel the beating of his heart.

Whispers of “I love you my love mi amor I love you I love you” come in rhythm with his steps through a blanket of my hair. There’s a tightening between us as I melt into his chest.

My toes get wet. He has carried me to the sea.

When he’s in up above the waist he lets me go and allows me to float. Delicately moving hair out of my face, then passing his hands an inch away but around, underneath and over my body, creating a force field around me.

I animate and swim under and around his legs then up for air and back down, swimming deeper into the sea. The salt burns my eyes so I swim harder with eyes closed. Pushing through the particles around me, using them to pull me through.

Heavy, the steady beating of waves. Oh how my body missed this dance with the sea. Pushing, splitting the water only to have it close in around me. I am far now. Alone enough. I stop and lay on my back to float. The waves are gentle out here.


Encapsulated in water I feel connected to all. All life, all energy, all particles, all light. There is no boundary between you and me. Just varying wavelengths. My mind empties and I am free.

I want to scream it from the highest hill. I want to share it with someone. There’s another world out there. Another way of existence. But no one will listen. And even if they did listen, they don’t seem to want to understand. They’re on the slow shuffle to nowhere.

Take the next exit. I’ll be waiting with all my love.