Spaceship for the Future of Money-I Mean Art

The first public-private partnership in Budapest was a multimillion dollar art facility. Some dreamer who no one remembers the name of was funded by a billionaire who everyone remembers the name of to create Müva, a self proclaimed, “art palace.” And they would not be over-stating with that description.

I first saw the Mùva building on an aimless tramride  Bucharest. I found myself at some giant playground for adults with a glowing sign saying, “leave reality behind.” Fitting as the place you pay $1.50 to enter has music concerts and alcohol and that’s about it. Oh and hundreds of gyrating bodies orchestrated by various djs.

Anyway I was on the tram home from that experience when a gorgeous redhead overflowing with curls pointed at the Müva building as our tram passed. It was sparkling in projected bright lights. (This is a subsequent view from the river)


We had been discussing my quest and she reccommend this space as it was a community and art center full of modern, experimental art.

I arrived the next day.


This is the entrance. And this (the following) is the foyer. Quite a bit more extravagant than I am used to.


I go to the front desk/reception/spaceship hub area and ask nebulous questions. The young women there are more than willing to answer any questions I have about the space. I learn about its conception, the funding and how this public-private space will be paid off in 30 years by the government to the billionaire who created it. Oh wow. Ok. The conception of the space started with classical music. The space boast 3 theaters, one large enough to fit a few thousand.


And a few intended more for receptions.


This place is huge. I am winded just finding the next theater. There are exhibits of rotating and permanent art exhibitions connected through the building but owned by a separate company: the Ludwig Museum – which hosts tens of exhibits through the Europe.


I cannot overstate the organization of this machine of an institution. Each employee is in matching grey skirt suits and pants suits.


This is a space ship manned and operated by fleets of identical lipstick wearing workers.  Somehow I end up on the room and find the astounding view and employee offices.




Holy fucking Jesus what we learned

  • this space was a giant, well oiled machine for art
  • Again, precedence for dreamers of spaces to be backed by funders
  • They also offer free programs for children which is a nice community building offering
  • There could not have been more than 4 people exploring the entirety of the space while I was there
  • The public private relationship of owner and debtor is very interesting with regards to culture